Swan City Improv | Classes
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Swan City Improv Classes

Get Ready to Take the stage.

In our Swan City Improv classes, you will learn how to improvise game-based, emotionally-rooted comedy scenes. We work to build a supportive class environment for talented people to bring their creativity and unique ideas to the table. Our classes are for newcomers and improv nerds alike. Plus, they’re a ton of fun.


Level One is the perfect starting point for both beginners and those brand-new to improv. Our professional instructor will help each student become more confident in their choices, less afraid to fail, and more able to be in the moment.


You can expect to play lots of group games. You will learn how to say “yes, and…,” make positive choices, initiate and commit to scenes, and move a story forward. Through this process, you will have an incredible time while you laugh and make friends!

Level Two is for the improviser who wants to explore the “why” behind the scene. You will play fun group games, but we will focus more on creating rich environments for your scenes, building emotional relationships, working with your scene partner, and finding the game of the scene. Our professional instructor will help you learn to make big choices without fear of what will happen next.


Level Three is a deep dive into Long Form improvised comedy. Similar to our improv show “Swan City Cinema”, long-form improv allows scenes to naturally develop, with a high focus on listening and group mind. This class will focus on sustaining characters over multiple scenes, exploring narrative and theme, and widening the performer’s palette. Students will be introduced to the formats The Harold, Fifteen Thirty One Two, and more.


Levels Two and Three will be available soon. Follow @swancityimprov to get updates on course availability.

Level One Registration
Class Information

Sundays at 4:00 PM

8 classes: February 3 – March 24

Price: $180.00

Location: Catapult Lakeland, 331 S. Florida Ave Basement, Lakeland, FL 33801

Instructor: Nate Fleming

Registrations are limited and are on a first-come first-serve basis.

A non-transferable payment is required and due the first day of class through cash or check. After the second class, the entire tuition is non-refundable. Promotion to the next class level is contingent upon attendance and a demonstration of course concepts through discussion and application in class.

Filling out the form above registers you for Level One classes with Swan City Improv.